What is the euro to the us dollar today

Use Bank of America's online currency converter tool to find out how much foreign Panel), Today's exchange rate to order currencyFootnote, U.S. dollar amount next multiple of 5 euro, since that is the smallest paper denomination of euro).

Stock dividend treatment

Stock/Dividend Information. Home Stock quote and chart Historical stock quote CTL Stock Splits 3/31/1998, 3-for-2 stock split. 12/31/1992, 3-for-2 stock split CTL IRS Form 8937 Qwest Tax Treatment Change (opens in new window). A stock dividend is a pro rata distribution by a corporation to its stockholders in the form of stock if the distribution is not treated as income for federal income tax   31 Aug 2014 Shareholders recognize a taxable dividend to the extent a distribution Tax-free treatment apparently applies to unissued and treasury stock, 

World oil production ranking

The Saudi Arabian Oil Company, better known as Saudi Aramco, is the world leader in oil production with a production rate of over 10 million barrels of oil per day (mbbl/day). The company has the world’s second-largest proven crude oil reserves with 261.5 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BBOe), which accounts for about 10% of the world’s Let’s go into detail about the amount of oil that three of these ten countries is responsible for producing, starting with the USA. We’ll talk about China, which is the fifth highest oil producer in the world, and then go into conversation about Kuwait, the country the tenth highest oil production rates to date.